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Most houses in the Los Angeles area were built over sixty years ago and many of these homes now require updates to their wiring by an electrician Porter Ranch to be safer, more reliable, and to accommodate our technological needs in this day of ever changing energy usage. As our company has been working in the electrical industry for over two and a half decades, we are aware of just about all possible wiring problems which could be potentially hazardous if left unrepaired, such as electrical fires often caused by old wiring and outdated electrical panels. In the case that your home has been experiencing difficulties with its electrical system, it is recommended to have your home inspected by our certified electricians, who are veterans at troubleshooting and resolving electrical issues that you may be experiencing in your home.

Two electric bills from one client, one year apart after receiving solar panel installation.

At Moonlight Electric Services, Inc. our team of electricians are equipped with the knowledge, skill, and experience to provide you with a complete house rewire, panel upgrade, and much more, all to the standards of the latest building and electrical compliance codes to ensure the safety of our customers. Our patrons deserve only the best, so we do everything in our power to offer the highest quality materials, labor, and service for all of our jobs and our company is licensed, insured, and bonded for your protection. Regardless of what specific electrical services you may require, we are ready to help you get your issue resolved, whether it is with installation of electrical appliances, lighting, solar panels, phone line, rewiring, panel upgrade, and much more.

With the cost of power on the rise, many homeowners are looking to alternative solutions to the power grid, with options for solar power looking bright. For those who are situated in areas with sunny climate, having solar panels installed on your rooftop can make a great impact on your home’s power bill, as they will be benefiting from maximum exposure to sunlight, producing free, green energy. Although it takes an initial investment, with a system of solar panels, you will be able to lock in a low price for electricity for years to come. In addition to this, solar power is also renewable and sustainable, making it a great, eco-friendly choice compared to energy sources powered by fossil fuels which give off harmful emissions. With a solar power system, your electricity bill will be virtually eliminated, and the value of your home will go up.

If the house you live in is an older home, it might be in your interest to have a trusted electrician check out the wiring, as well as other major electrical components to ensure that they are functioning fine, or if you need to get anything replaced for better reliability. With a fresh new rewire and the addition of new electrical panels, your home will be much better suited for the modern day as well as being a safer place to live in. Call an electrician Porter Ranch to ensure your home’s electrical system functions just fine.

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