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Solar Electric Systems Calabasas


With electric bills soaring in Southern California (there is a 10 to 30 percent increase in electric rates every year), you may be thinking of ways to cut back your use of electricity. But in this modern day and age electricity is more of a necessity than a convenience.  You don’t have to read by candlelight to lower your electricity bill; instead, save money with solar electric systems Calabasas.

Why Invest in Solar Panels?

Despite the steady increase in electricity rates, you can enjoy the benefits of electricity and save money. Moonlight Electric Services’ solar panels are an effective way to reduce or (in some cases) eliminate your electric bill. By investing in solar panels, you can save thousands in electrical expenses for years following your pragmatic decision. But you won’t only see savings on your electric bill. Thanks to the Solar Investment Tax Credit, a 30 percent tax credit can save you thousands in taxes. Power savings, along with green energy rebates and government incentives, can return up to 60 percent of your solar panel energy costs—solar energy practically pays for itself!

How Do Solar Energy Systems Work?

Blue Solar Panels covering the entire roofBy using solar cells, sunlight can be directly converted to electricity. Every day, as objects are exposed to sunlight, they are introduced to the particles of sunlight called photons. Solar panels use photons to create electricity by converting photons into electrons of direct current electricity (DC). The newly converted electrons flow into an inverter which converts DC power into alternate current power (AC).  For you to distinguish between the two, DC power is commonly used in batteries, while AC power is the type of electrical used when your television is plugged into a wall outlet.

The power your solar system produces is monitored by a net energy meter. The solar power you do not use returns to the electrical grid through the meter. Your solar system is able to work at night or on cloudy days because it consumes the surplus electricity from the grid.

Installation, Maintenance, and Longevity of Solar Systems

Although it is possible to install a solar electric system yourself, you want to hire a professional to avoid complications and injury. Solar systems are an example of sophisticated engineering, but because they have few moving parts, they do not require too much maintenance. Basic solar electric systems can last more than 30 years, but it all depends on its proper installation. If you’re skeptical of solar electric systems, keep in mind that solar systems that receive rebates through California utilities are required by law to have a 10-year warranty.

Solar panels eliminate your energy bill, increase your home’s value, and lock-in energy costs. But perhaps the most rewarding benefit of solar systems is the decrease of your carbon footprint. Considering that the average American household generates 7.4 tons of carbon dioxide a year, you can rest easy knowing that you invested in renewable energy. With solar electric systems Calabasas, you can save money and save the planet.


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